Boys Varsity Football · LEADERSHIP LESSONS with Coach LLoyd – Uniontown Football Head Coach

In our first ever segment of LEADERSHIP LESSONS we hear from Coach Lloyd, Uniontown’s Head Football Coach, following Friday night’s loss to Connellsville.

Lesson: N.O.W (Never Out Worked)

“As we walked off the field Friday night at Connellsville a few thoughts went through my mind as we prepare for the season:  1.) We are a young and hungry group that is looking for an outlet to help us to develop into a complete team.  2.) For us to share success as we build. And 3.) To encourage each other to be great when we take the field again.   We have a saying – we must control the things we can control and how we control them will be based on us not forgetting about the loss, BUT using the loss to better move us into a spot to win.  With that, our goal leaving Connellsville was to never be out worked.  N.O.W we have to live it.  See you all on Friday!” – Coach Lloyd

Lesson Learned: The mindset of never being outworked is predicated off of the concept of taking values-based action. What we mean by “values-based” action is that we choose to act, in any given situation, from the values we have in our lives and not simply react to a situation based on how we feel about the circumstances at hand. In this case, Coach Lloyd and the entire Uniontown Football team is choosing to learn from the Connellsville game and, without losing any competitive juice, take those lessons into the regular season. This season is dedicated to the values-based action of N.O.W. It’s all about Never being Out Worked which is an effort-based and controllable action.
LEADERSHIP LESSONS is a segment curated by the Uniontown Department of Athletics. The goal is to use the platform of sports in providing developmental wisdom, knowledge, and skill for our Red Raider community. We’ll here from our coaches in addition to well-known athletic leaders across the country. Our motto is to drop “Real Life Knowledge from Real World Experience.”

[Photo courtesy of The Herald-Standard]