Red Raiders News · CultureCreated | A Look into Student Athletes and Their Daily Lives

Video Recorded by YouTube Channel Mitch Hex 

It is universally known that the student athlete, regardless of grade, sport or location, is a dedicated individual that attempts to achieve athletic success day in and day out, while at the same time maintaining their academic work load to ensure eligibility and a path to a successful future.

In this first- person point of view video recorded by Mitch Hex, a collegiate student athlete, Mitch’s daily routine, workout, and academic habits are captured, informing the viewer about the actions that occur for a student athlete, and expressing what an athlete  such as himself typically goes through on a daily basis.

In addition to informing someone about the daily process a student-athlete goes through, this video expresses the determination that all student-athletes should have to strive for greatness and compete at the maximum level. By viewing this video, it is a reminder that in order for results to occur and success to happen, maximum performance and effort should be given, whether you are competing on the turf, or with other students in the classroom. Us Uniontown High School student athletes should always keep this work-ethic and mentality, so that our school will always be known for all-around excellence.

CultureCreated is Uniontown Athletic Department’s own curated pieces on creating a highly effective and motivated culture through sports. Our aim is to use these pieces in bringing awareness to drive implementation of a championship culture right here in Uniontown. To do this we need to bring together our student-athletes, coaches, teachers, administrators, school board, AND everyone in our surrounding community. Are you in?