Red Raiders News · CultureCreated | The Mindset, Mentality and Motivation of Student Athletes

Video Recorded by YouTube Channel TOBTEY

 For a student athlete, maximum effort is not an option. To win, compete, and earn success, every day should be treated like your last to accomplish your goals. Despite daily obstacles concerning athletics, academics or personal life being common, a student athlete should persevere, fight through the challenges, and continue to strive for their dreams.

YouTube channel TOBTEY thoroughly demonstrates the mentality and perseverance student athletes should have through recording a football team chasing their dreams for victory as they train hard, bond as a team, and compete against teams that aim to block their ambitions for football success. While their training, practices, and games aren’t easy, their determination and motivation to win and bring victory among themselves is the driving factor to give maximum effort on and off the field. As they listen to their coaches, trust each other, and train like professional athletes, they are shown to be unstoppable.

This determination and motivation to achieve success should be exposed and always apparent within student athletes at Uniontown, for we are a school based on success, especially in athletics. As we continue to give maximum effort in our respective sports, the school’s  reputation for producing dedicated, committed, and exceptional student athletes will always be acknowledged.

CultureCreated is Uniontown Athletic Department’s own curated pieces on creating a highly effective and motivated culture through sports. Our aim is to use these pieces in bringing awareness to drive implementation of a championship culture right here in Uniontown. To do this we need to bring together our student-athletes, coaches, teachers, administrators, school board, AND everyone in our surrounding community. Are you in?