Red Raiders News · “MINDSET #LIT” | The Mind of Kobe Bryant


  • When his classmates were partying he was playing basketball
  • When his classmates were sleeping he was working out before class
  • He obsessively held himself to 1000 shots made a day during his summer breaks and off-seasons
  • Right after games, literally right after…he trained on many occasions
  • A lot of his credit is dedicated to his family and support team
  • He says “to put in the work OR it’s on you” if you don’t succeed

Question: What if you committed yourself to never being outworked and just getting better everyday? How will your life change? What will your life look like then?

End Game: It simply comes down to THE CHOICE. The choice to put everything you have into the vision you have for your life…OR NOT? It’s your choice. Both choices are painful. You can either choose the pain that goes into becoming great or the pain of regret.



Kobe Bryant’s Achievements on the Court:

NBA Champion 5
Scoring Leader 2
Season MVP 1
Finals MVP 2
All-NBA Teams 15
All-Defensive Teams 12
All-Star Game 15
Slam Dunk Champion 1
50-point games 25
60-point games 5
Olympic Gold Medal 2