Red Raiders News · Congratulations to Uniontown Area’s April Athlete of the month, Ahmad! Sponsored by Russ Blaho of Allstate Insurance.

Congratulations to Uniontown Area’s April Athlete of the month, Ahamd! Sponsored by Russ Blaho of Allstate Insurance!


Ahmad is our Sprints team leader. He started running track his freshman year. He was one of the fastest freshmen in the area in the 100m. If you’ve ever met Ahmad you know he is full of confidence in his abilities, some people might take this as arrogance, and at one point it might have been. His first day at practice he walked up and stated that he would be the fastest runner this season. I spent a lot of time this year explaining to him the difference between confidence and arrogance and on the track he is beginning to show great confidence. I can tell you Ahmad is becoming one of the humblest athletes I have ever coached. He is also one of the hardest working athletes I have ever worked with, and I believe this is where he has gained that confidence.




When he sets a goal for himself he will not stop until he achieves it. His work ethic has shown on the track, currently he is ranked #1 in the area in the 100 meter. Everything Ahmad does he puts his all into. It has been a pleasure of mine getting to know and coach this fine young man, I know he will accomplish great things in his life if he continues his passion to be the best at what he does, and his desire to serve others and help them become better.