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Commit, Work Hard, Succeed!

The Uniontown Track and Field coaching staff wanted to take the time to give you an introduction to the sport of Track and Field.  We appreciate your effort and commitment to your teammates, school and overall physical fitness.  If at any point you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Track is divided into three aspects: Running, jumping and throwing. The information below will outline each of the different aspects to give you a better understanding of the events available to you.

Track Events (running)

The running events are divided into sprints and distance events.  The sprinting events are the 100 meter dash, which is run on the tennis court side of the field on the straight away. The 200 meter dash, is run from the track entrance, the bend and the entire straight away. The 400 is one lap around the track. Other sprinting events are the 4×100 and 4X400 meter relays. Athletes must try out for these events.


The hurdles are run at either the 100 meter (girls) or 110 meter (boys) distances. This event requires the athlete to sprint between the hurdles and use the proper technique to clear the hurdles.

All of these events are good for athletes that participate in sports that require speed such as football, baseball, gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, and volleyball.


Running events in this category consist of the 800 (2 laps) the 1600 (4 laps), and the 3200 (8 laps).  These events build up endurance and the training provides great workouts for students involved in cross country, wrestling, soccer and swimming. There is also a relay race in the distance events. This race is the 4 x 800.  Athletes must try out for this event.

Jumping Events
Long Jump & Triple Jump

These events require you to run down the runway, hit your mark and jump into the sand pit. Speed and technique are required for this event. This event is good for all sports. Long and Triple Jumpers tend to do well at football, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, wrestling, and volleyball and baseball.

High Jump

This event requires athletes to run and Jump over a bar using a specific technique. Again, this style of event is good for all athletes and High Jumpers usually do well in sports such as basketball, cheerleading, Gymnastics and volleyball.

Field Events
Shot Put

The shot put is a field event where the athlete is required to use the proper technique to throw the shot put(weight varies for boys and girls) as far as possible.  Different methods and techniques will be shown to the athletes.  The drills and techniques used for this event will benefit wrestlers, basketball players, gymnasts, cheerleaders, members of the volleyball team and football players.


Discus is a field event in which the athlete is required to learn the proper technique and footwork to throw a discus as far as possible.  The discus must land within the required area (sector).  Athletes will learn skills and techniques that will help them in all sports.


See Coach Kaufman

Pole Vault

See Coach Carei

As you can see, track and field provides an opportunity for student athletes to develop different skills and techniques that will assist them in other sports. If you commit and work hard, you will succeed!