Red Raiders News · Are You Cool With Being Average OR Do You Want To Be More?

If you want to be more than average than you have to do more than the average student-athlete will do. Period. Are you using every resource you have to maximize your athletic ability? Is your day, week, month, year, and life structured so that everything you do is geared towards your goals? Athlete Foundry will give you that foundation to better enable you to be part of the smaller percentage of people that realize their dreams of playing in college, going to college as a student only, or succeeding in life after high school without doing either of those things. The app takes the guess work out of being successful. How serious are you about living your highest quality life?


Athlete Foundry is holding six (6) live webinars in January 2021 to provide a tutorial about our platform and how to maximize the power of our platform for the student athlete journey.  If time permits, they will answer a few Q&As.

The CEO will personally be providing the tutorial, plus joined by one of our Brand Ambassadors.

For our partners only.  No registration.  Completely free.

We highly encourage and invite parents, student athletes, coaches, and counselors.  While our platform is for parents & student athletes, this is an awesome opportunity for coaches and counselors to understand how our platform works and how it is holistic — enabling them to intelligently engage with your student athletes on campus.

For example, a coach or counselor can ask a middle or high school student athlete “hey student athlete Jane, how are your semester roadmap steps coming, let’s pick one and discuss what it means to you.”



Saturday Jan 2 @ 11a Central Time/12p EST

Wednesday Jan 6 @ 6p Central Time/7pm EST

Tuesday Jan 12 @ 6p Central Time/7pm EST

Thursday Jan 14 @ 6p Central Time/7pm EST

Saturday Jan 16 @ 11a Central Time/12p EST

Saturday Jan 16 @ 3p Central Time/4pm EST


Sign-up if you haven’t already (grades 6-12). Remember to include our partner code UASDP1100

Sign-up link

Athlete Foundry is FREE FOR LIFE for all Uniontown Area School District Student-Athletes.