Athlete Foundry Brand Info


  1. Our Vision

Roads without inequities.

  1. Our Purpose

To pave the way.

  1. What We Do

We give parents of middle & high school student athletes a roadmap that lets them build the most comprehensive ATHUMADEMIC resume, improving their odds of becoming a collegiate athlete, increasing their college financial assistance potential, and helping prepare them to be successful in life after sports.

ATHUMADEMIC = ath – hu – ma – demic = athletic + human + academic

  1. Product Benefits

Place the parents and student athletes in full command of their journey, helping them track, build, and communicate a better path to earning the privilege of becoming a collegiate athlete; specifically…


  • Build options across the full spectrum, NCAA D-I, -II, -III, NAIA, and all JCs
  • Take charge of your plan with clear athletic & academic targets of where you must be by 12th grade
  • Use a first-of-its-kind dashboard (the new gold standard of “student athlete profiles”)
  • Allow collegiate coaches to “follow” your progress
  • Share current semester progress publicly and all historical semester data with approved coaches.
  • Customize many aspects across the platform
  • Use a full-feature calendar to track your semester priorities, training, and anything else you want to track
  • Privately chat with other peer student athletes also on the platform
  • Privately write a student athlete journal


  • Take charge of your comprehensive “athletic & academic” unified plan w/semester-by-semester steps
  • Take charge of your athletic performance tracking, with milestones, goal setting, & 12th grade targets
  • Take charge of your academic performance tracking, with NCAA/ NAIA eligibility, & SAT/ ACT targets
  • Take charge of your human development tracking, with awards, hobbies, nutrition, & sleep tracking
  • Take charge of your college planning, w/college, coach, campus safety, graduation rates, athletic violations, and career data
  1. Our Manifesto (branding used to design video)

Student athletes are something special: motivated, full of promise and potential. Striving to achieve greatness, pushing the boundaries and breaking barriers. And nobody wants them to reach their goal of competing at the collegiate level more than their parents.

But the world is unfair. Not everyone starts at the same place, gets the same resources or has the same access. The road to success is full of inequities and blocked by obstacles requiring more than just ability to maneuver. Good intentions are not good enough to reach these goals.

Hope needs a plan.

Athlete Foundry firmly believes achievement should be the result of hard work, not privilege. Hustle, not who you know. Ability, not access. So we’ve tailored our technology to level the playing field for the underdog, to empower the undiscovered and to encourage the underestimated.

We’ve developed an online platform that paves the way for driven middle school and high school athletes to achieve their dream of competing at the collegiate level. Starting with that end in mind, we integrate the athletic and academic qualities sought after by collegiate coaches into a unified roadmap with clear milestones to navigate the path. All organized into a powerful user-friendly platform that enables parents to track their athlete’s data, measure progress toward metrics that coaches actually value, and share achievements with family, friends, and coaches.

At Athlete Foundry we offer a total athletic and academic picture unique to each athlete, placing the parents in command to proactively navigate their journey.

Keep getting up before dawn. Keep putting in the work. Keep doing your best.

We pave the way, so you can take charge.

  1. Brand History

Unbeknownst to its founder, the creation of Athlete Foundry was 20 years in the making, forged by his NASA and US Navy life events, challenges, and experiences which uniquely prepared him for the creation of Athlete Foundry.

Athlete Foundry must build technology that removes obstacles which hinders the progress of parents and their student athletes; these considerable obstacles prevent them from…

  • Seeing possibilities for life success.
  • College opportunities and options.
  • College finance options.
  • Demonstrating competitiveness w/o expensive and overrated “traditional” exposure.
  • Using sports to build excellence on & off the field, in order to propel them to reach full life potential.

This helps us solve two fundamental deeper and important student athlete problems  that exist in society…

  1. Too many kids who have made the mental decision to play sports in college aren’t given a path to reach for this unique opportunity, and are left out for a variety of bad reasons.
  2. Too many kids who are currently reaching for the unique opportunity to play in college, and those who have made it on a college team, aren’t truly prepared to excel in life beyond sports.

We do this to provide…

  1. A more meaningful path to college sports, and one that can also increase the odds of playing in college.
  2. A path to use sports to propel them towards purpose, passion, and success in life after sports.

Seeking the special opportunity to be a collegiate athlete and be an ambassador for the college should be fair and equitable, and not afforded to just “the few” (the “top tier,” well connected, or financially wealthy), it should empower the parent and student athlete, and it should build the student athlete’s market value “on & off the field.” This enables them, when sports ends, to be prepared so they don’t have to settle for doing something that they are not passionate about and is not fulfilling.

  1. Brand Personality

We truly have the student athlete’s best interests in mind and, while athletics is part of it, so is the rest of what makes up the student athlete (on & off the field).

  1. Brand Voice
  • Trusted
  • Sophisticated
  • Empowering
  • Equitable
  • Unified
  • Aspirational
  1. The Story Behind Our Logo

AF stands for Athlete Foundry.  The three (3) stars represents the three (3) core pillars of each student athlete as a human being, which are athletic, academic, and human.  We’ve placed them in a slight v-shape so as to offer a sense that the AF is nesting inside.


  1. Guarantees

There are no guarantees in life, there is no magic pill to success.  Athlete Foundry’s purpose is to help pave the way by designing technology to help remove obstacles, regardless of socio-economic background.  But, each person must make the commitment to walk the path and take on self-accountability to achieve their dreams.

  1. Scholarships

Within the student athlete space, “scholarships” is first associated with athletic scholarship (dominating association), and academic scholarship.  We recognize families need help to pay for college, but “scholarships” are “means to an end” and are not the only “means” to pay for college.

Our model is do-it-yourself, and our focus is on earning the privilege of becoming a collegiate athlete vice only focusing on earning a scholarship.  We very rarely even bring up the word “scholarships” for this reason. Our platform aims to help maximize all financial options. By focusing on all three (3) pillars, we allow the student athlete to build a better version of themselves that increases their overall market value and attractability by a collegiate coach — thereby indirectly helping them maximize all financial options.

  1. Coaches, Teachers, Recruiters, Scouts.

We are not coaches, teachers, recruiters, nor scouts.

  1. Communicate with Collegiate Coaches.

We do NOT independently communicate on behalf of, NOR represent at any time any individual customer’s interests with prospective collegiate coaches, institutions, schools, teams, professional sports organizations or any other group or party attempting to market or profit from an individual student athlete’s athletic ability in any manner. We do NOT independently have any direct contact with college coaches, institutions or teams on the specific subject of individual Athlete Foundry customers.