End-of-Season Checklist for Coaches


Thank you for all of your efforts and contributions this season! To close out your season please follow the below check list in order:

  1. Head Coaches please return keys, key cards, parking pass, equipment, etc. to the Athletic Director
  2. Head Coaches please return uniforms to the Equipment Manager
    1. Include Team Roster with Uniform Inventory
  3. Head Coaches please return uniform hold slips to the AD for any student-athlete who did  not return their uniform
  4. Head Coaches please fill out the appropriate SEASON SUMMARY FORM:
    1. Fall Season Summary Form
    2. Winter Season Summary Form
    3. Spring Season Summary Form
  5. Head Coaches please request equipment to the AD for next school year using the Athletics Order Form Template
  6. All Paid Coaches please fill out the EDR Pay Report Form and submit to the AD [email or in-person]
    1. Athletic EDR Pay Report