PIAA Coaching Education Requirements



Coaches must take these short online courses annually prior to the first official day of practice. These are free. PLEASE NOTE: Per PIAA, the email acknowledging your completion is satisfactory. You DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR A CERTIFICATE. Please forward the completion email to dj.burns@uasdriaders.org

  1. ConcussionWise
  2. CardiacWise


First time coaches hired at any PIAA school after July 1, 2016, will have two years from their date of hire to complete the following requirement.

UNIONTOWN AREA COACHES: Please Follow This Link To SafeSchools Log In

PIAA will be accepting of SafeSchools Training for Coaching Education as long as your school or school district has purchased SafeSchools Training for ALL STAFF.  Listed below are the modules needed to satisfy the Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid Requirements.

  1.  Fundamentals of Coaching Coursework:
    Athletic Liability, Conflict Management: Managing the Angry Parent, Title IX and Gender Equity in Athletics, Hazing, Steroid and PED Awareness in Athletics, Emergency Operations Planning: Building the Plan, Emergency Operations Planning: Implementing the Plan, Sensitivity Awareness, Conflict Management: Student-to-Student, Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Student, and Online Safety: Cyberbullying
  2. First Aid Coursework:
    First-Aid, Sport Supervision & Safety, Heat Illness Prevention, Student Drug and Alcohol Abuse, AED, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Once completed, coaches will receive TWO certificates for all modules completed through SafeSchools Training. One certificate will be for the Fundamentals of Coaching coursework and the other will be for the First Aid coursework. Please contact your SafeSchools Account Manager to set this up. These certificates can then be uploaded to their Coaches’ profile for approval by the PIAA.